DIY Maracas animals !

DIY Maracas animals with small Swiss/rice
Duration : 1h/1h30

With the winter vacations fast approaching, we propose a little musical activity by making your own maracas with a small Swiss cheese and rice. 
For this you will need :
  • 2 small yoghurts
  • Strong glue and a glue stick
  • Rice
  • Colored cardboard sheets
  • Colored tissue paper or crepe paper
  • Stickers
  • Scissors
  • Clothes pegs 

First, fill the first jar halfway with rice.

Put glue on the lid area and place the second jar upside down on the first jar.
Place the clothespins to hold the two jars together and let the glue dry for 10 minutes then remove the pegs. 

Take your tissue paper (or crepe paper) in the color you want and cut them into strips of about 2cm.

Using your glue stick, cover the entire maracas with the strips. 
Have fun with the tissue paper to vary the colors.

With the stickers recreate the eyes and nose of your animal. 
Use your markers for the mouth, whiskers, etc. 

Then with your cardboard sheets add ears, wings, a beak, which you glue on your maracas. 

C’est parti pour un petit concert !

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