DIY Animal masks

DIY Animal Mask

Duration : 45 min

Mardi Gras is an event that cannot be ignored. It is a very popular holiday that announces the end of winter as the beginning of Lent for Christians and the coming of Easter.

Traditionally, the carnival is the last holiday where it is allowed to do anything and everything before the period of Lent! What a delight for our little rascals! 

That's why we suggest you create your own masks to enjoy the carnival and bring out your animal side.

For this workshop you will need :

Paper plates
Felt Pens
Colored paper
Thread / ribbon
Glue / stapler 


First, cut your plate in half, then, using your scissors, create two small holes for the location of the eyes and cut out the opening. 

Then paint your plate the color of the animal you want.

Once the paint is dry, recreate your animal's snout, whiskers, etc.

Make the ears, beak, etc. in your colored sheets leaving a small tab to glue them on your mask.

To finish, make two small holes on each side of your mask for the wire to pass through and then close with a knot. (You can also use a stapler to secure the whole) 


Give in to your animal instincts and roar with happiness!

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